Parish Council

Littlethorpe Parish Council consists of five councillors, each serving a four-year term of office. Contact details for all councillors and the parish clerk can be found on the 'Organisation' page.

The council holds an AGM in April/May (open to the public) when elections for the positions of chair and vice-chair are held and also representatives to external bodies are appointed.

The main role of parish councillors is to represent the views of all residents within the parish.

The parish clerk

  • ensures that the council conducts its business lawfully.

  • administers all the council's paperwork.

  • ensures that meeting papers are properly prepared and the public is aware of meeting times.

  • implements the council's decisions.

  • oversees the implementation of projects.

A Parish Council Meeting is a meeting of the parish councillors to which the public are welcome and the Chairman will allow you to speak during 'Public Time'. This is a time set aside on the agenda for members of the public to ask questions or raise issues with the council. These meetings are held every two months.

The Annual Parish Meeting is a meeting of the people of the parish (not a parish council meeting) which must be held between 1st March and 1st June, not starting before 6p.m. and is hosted by the Parish Council. Each organisation within the village is invited to give a short presentation of their activities over the previous year.

Littlethorpe Parish Boundary