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April 2021

Universal Credit Information for the Community

Universal Credit is a payment to help with your living costs. It’s paid monthly – or twice a month for some people in Scotland. You may be able to get it if you’re on a low income, out of work or you cannot work. Universal Credit is being rolled out to replace Jobseeker’s Allowance, Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Employment & Support Allowance and Income Support. The full rollout of Universal Credit is scheduled for completion in 2024.

Find out more about Universal Credit using our Universal Credit guide. It covers who can apply, how to apply, how much money you can claim, a glossary to help with Universal Credit terminology and more.

Rise in Reports of Fake Police Officer Phone Scam

Once again, here in North Yorkshire we've had a surge in reports of a phone scam where an individual receives a call purporting to be from a police officer who has their son/daughter/nephew/niece/grandchild in custody in possession of their bank card. The caller tells the individual to attend the bank and draw out a significant amount of cash which will be picked up by a 'courier' and held in a safe place. Of course the cash won't be safe and will be going straight into the scammers' pockets.

Let's stop these scammers in their tracks and make sure no one falls for their manipulative tactics. Please share this message with your friends, family and networks to help them all stay vigilant for these scam calls.

Remember, the police or your bank will never call and ask you to move, pay or transfer money. If you receive a call like this, hang up immediately.

If you're worried you might have fallen victim to this scam or any other scam, call 101 to report it to North Yorkshire Police.

North Yorkshire Police

Changes to bin collections because of Easter

Collections in the week commencing Monday 5th April will take place a day later than usual. Usual collection date Wednesday 7th April - new collection date Thursday 8th April.

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner elections

By now, you should have received your polling card/letter for the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner elections which will take place on 6th May. The four candidates are listed below.

March 2021

Canal Inspection

A Canal & River Trust inspector was at Renton's Bridge today (26th) after completing checks at the Ripon end of the canal. He was about to check Renton's Bridge to ensure it is safe, check signs and log any issues. Following this, he was due to inspect Ox Close lock to make sure it is working correctly. He will return in May as this inspection has to be carried out every two months.

Changes to bin collections because of Easter

Next week’s (commencing 29 March) collections of garden waste, recycling and refuse will take place earlier than usual.

Usual date / revised collection date

Monday 29 March / Saturday 27 March

Wednesday 31 March / Tuesday 30 March

Harrogate Borough Council


Hedgehogs are beginning to emerge from their winter sleep so now is the time to start feeding them again. In the past, some of you used to take hedgehogs you were concerned about to Jacqui and Peter Morrell who ran the HAPPY Hedgehog Rescue Centre in Ripon. They have now moved to Ramsgill but continue to run the centre. Steve Roberts has been asked if he would be a local drop-off point from which they will collect hedgehogs needing their care. If you find a hedgehog which you are concerned about, Steve can be contacted on Tel: 01765 601276 or email;

Road Closure

Pottery Lane to be closed.

UPDATE - Not closed!


Littlethorpe WI was founded 100 years ago this year and, although it has now disbanded, it would be interesting to see any photos or information anyone has. They had some kind of event to celebrate 80 years, does anyone know what? What date did the WI it start? What activities did it hold? Who were the members? Any dates, names, events, activities or photos etc. would be very welcome! Email to

Richard's RCW Update

Summer migrants begin to trickle back. The first Chiffchaff have been heard & single Sand Martin hawk for insects over the river. Avocet & Little Ringed Plover are on other reserves around Ripon & once the river level drops & water levels in the lagoons fall to expose mud keep an eye open for migrating waders.

Banks of coltsfoot & lesser celandine plus dog violets flower & brimstone & small tortoiseshell butterflies are nectaring on these early bloomers. A favourite with early bumble bees & honey bees are the flowering ‘pussy’ or more correctly goat willow Salix caprea.

Brimstone butterfly (

Sand Martin (

Tips on how to tell genuine census communications from fraudsters

📮You will only ever be contacted for the census by letter unless you have arranged a call with the contact centre.

✅Your census form will ask for personal information but will never ask for your national insurance number, passwords, bank account details or your credit or debit card numbers.

🏠Census officers may visit to offer help if you’re yet to complete the questionnaire. They may also visit to make sure that everyone has been counted. They will identify themselves as being from the ONS and carry an official ID badge. Census staff will never ask to enter your property.

🕰Census officers visit during the following times:

Monday to Saturday: 9am to 8pm

Sundays and bank holidays: 10am to 4pm

North Yorkshire Police

Good News!

After months of being off limits, the canal towpath has now been reopened to walkers byJulie Freytag. Thank you to all those people who abided by the signs and did not use it during the closure.

Road Surface Repairs

Following the recent temporary repair of Pottery Lane at its junction with Green Lane, the road surface is already deteriorating and new potholes are beginning to appear. Michael Harrison, our County Councillor, has been informed and he is going to contact Area 6 Highways to tell them of the problem.

Parish Council Minutes

The minutes of the parish council meeting held on Monday 8th are available on the 'Meetings, agendas & minutes' page under 'Parish Council'.

Starling Murmurations

Over the last few weeks, many of you have been watching the starlings mumurate above the village but, if only for the sheer number of birds, tonight (8th) must have been their best display yet.

Parish Council Meeting

The agenda for the parish council meeting to be held on Monday 8th March can be found on the 'Meetings, agendas & minutes' page under 'Parish Council'.

Citizens' Advice and Support Scheme

Citizens' Advice Bureau helped 63 clients with 198 issues in 2020 in Fountains and Ripley Ward. Many of those that were helped were disabled. On a population basis about 8 or 9 people from Littlethorpe Parish will have been helped over the year. The Bureau wishes to inform people about their work and are seeking donations to enable them to continue what they do.

David Duthie

Littlethorpe Parish Clerk

Towpath closure

Two more reports of people continuing to use the towpath have been received but, unfortunately, no photos. One couple was seen to actually climb over the barricades erected by Julie; she must be pulling her hair out! I, along with many other people, am really missing my walks along the canal and, because of these inconsiderate people, it is going to be even longer before we can enjoy it again. Please send me any photos you take so that I can publish them and we will all know who they are.

February 2021

The Great Escape!

Further to my report on the new barricades on the canal towpath below, a villager has let me know that she and her husband walked down to Renton's Bridge this afternoon (26th) and couldn't believe their eyes. A couple were walking three dogs on the towpath, a brown dog off the lead and two small dogs on leads. The villagers watched with 'excited anticipation' as to what they might do when they reached the bird hide gate at Renton's Bridge. Apparently, they turned round, retraced their steps, got as far as the locked gate through the reserve and decided to walk back again to Renton's Bridge. They got within 30 yds and saw the villager's camera so turned round again. How on earth did they get in and out again? As the villager asks, "What is it with these people?"!

Towpath Closure

I continue to receive information about villagers telling people that the towpath is closed and, quite often, the abuse they receive. No-one can now claim that they didn't realise it is closed as these barriers have been erected by Julie Freytag at Renton's Bridge and Nicholson's Bridge. At Renton's bridge, one metal barrier extends out over the canal to stop people going round the end and, at Nicholson's Bridge, an extra barrier has been placed along the edge of the canal to stop people going under the bridge to access the path. Isn't it sad that this has to be done to make people take notice and abide by the rules? Hopefully, the towpath will now have a chance to recover enabling us all to enjoy the canal again soon.

Nicholson's Bridge

Renton's bridge (access to the hide is not affected)

Spring flowers around the village

Green Lane

Canal Reedbed

Green Lane

The pinfold

Spring Lambs

The field along Orchard Lane is full of ewes (or 'yows' if you speak Yorkshire dialect!) and their lambs; a sure sign that Spring is near.

Lunch time

Message from Margaret Allen

Margaret Allen, who used to live in the village, has sent a message which can be found on the 'Guestbook' page.

Lost black labrador

Old black lab wandering around pottery lane/fields I can’t catch it. Has anyone lost it? (16th)

Jessica Jarman

Covid Vaccination Scams

On 27th January 2021 I advised of an email 'doing the rounds' which appeared to be from the NHS inviting the recipient to register for a Covid vaccination. This was a 'phishing' email which asked you to input your personal details, security information and more importantly your bank and card details. The email claimed that your bank details were necessary to verify your identity. North Yorkshire Police have been notified of a similar email which I have replicated below. Whereas this is different to the email circulated last week, the intention of the fraudsters is the same; to obtain your personal and bank details. Please remember the Covid 19 vaccination is free and you will not be asked for payment. The NHS will never ask for your bank details. If you receive such emails you can forward them to and then delete from your inbox. Please pass this message on to friends/family etc.

North Yorkshire Police


NHS is performing selections for coronavirus vaccination on the basis of family genetics and medical history.

You have been selected to receive a coronavirus vaccination

Use this service to confirm/reject your (COVID-19) Vaccination:

>> NHS – Accept invitation

>> NHS – Decline invitation

Do you need help to use the internet?

Here is a resource from HBC that will assist people getting onto the internet. The Census on 21 March will be principally online; so this is timely. If anyone in the village knows someone who is not online who wants to be, the number to call may help.

David Duthie

Clerk to Littlethorpe Parish Council

St. Michael's Churchyard

The first signs of spring are appearing in St. Michael's churchyard.