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February 2021 - Hello everyone, I was pleased to receive 'Roundabout' and read all the interesting things that are happening around Littlethorpe. On Sunday 21st of this month, Suzanne and I were busy filling up the bird feeders, decided we had done a good job, went indoors and waited to see the results. There were lots of Blue Tits flying around dipping and diving but we were very surprised to see a pair of Gold Finch. I lived in Littlethorpe most of my life but these two little beauties were certainly having a good time in Sowerby. Take care everyone. Margaret Allen, Sowerby, North Yorkshire

December 2020 - Remembrance Day Packs - Thank you to all of you who helped us to promote our Remembrance Day packs recently, we sent out over 150 gift boxes to our veterans in time for Remembrance Day. Claire Hetherington, Community First Yorkshire

November 2020 - Remembering Roly - A lovely tribute. Robyn Malcolm, Littlethorpe

November 2020 - Remembering Roly - Beautiful bench and the owls are fabulous! Ruth Curtis, Littlethorpe

November 2020 - Remembering Roly - A wonderful tribute for a wonderful man! Carol Edmonstone, Littlethorpe

October 2020 - Memories ofJoan Harker - I first met Joan when we took our school children to Ripon Spa baths for weekly swimming lessons. She was always kind and patient with them. She was also patient with me when I had to do my life-saving training. After many years as a non swimmer I hesitated to jump into the deep end of the pool! Joan called out " come on, just jump and I'll catch you", my first close contact with Joan! Years later we shared the duties of sides men (or sidespeople) and she would tell me tales of her childhood in Littlethorpe and the origins of many of the treasures in St. MICHAEL'S CHURCH. We worked well together.When Joan and Bill moved into Lister House I once took her flowers from the Harvest festival. She was absolutely delighted with them and told us lots of stories of her parents and her friends in Littlethorpe. I sing with the Skelldale Singers and Joan and Bill were in the audience when we went to Lister House to do a Christmas concert for them. At the end Joan stood up and gave us an impromptu vote of thanks which was much appreciated. I was disappointed that I could not pay my respects to Joan at her funeral but quite understood the limits on the numbers due to the coronavirus epidemic. I shall always have fond memories of Joan and I'm glad that she is at rest with her beloved Bill in Littlethorpe, which was her special place. Margaret Plunkett, Ripon

October 2020 - Remembering Roly - He would be really touched by this, he loved Littlethorpe and helping maintain it as a wonderful place to live. Thank you. Helen Perry, Harrogate

October 2020 - Remembering Roly - Definitely should remember our dear friend and this a great way to do it! Rob Ankcorn, Littlethorpe

August 2020 - Village Hall Phased Re-opening - Great! Rob Ankcorn, Littlethorpe

August 2020 - Village Hall Phased Re-opening - That's positive news. Mandy Downes, Littlethorpe

May 2020 - Mystery Package - A kind person left a pink bag, containing a slice of tea cake, on the gate of our home Wycke House last week and we have been puzzling over where it came from . We’d love to say thank you and return bag and container but you did not leave us a clue as to your identity! Our Tel is 01765690637, please get in touch! Don and Tessa Mack, Littlethorpe

May 2020 - Searching for Family - To keep myself occupied in this current situation I am doing some family research and wondered if you could help or perhaps put me in contact with anyone else who may be helpful. My late father Christopher Neville Beadle (1921-1997) lived certainly in his younger years at Bellwood Hall, Harrogate Road. His parents were Ivan & Monica Beadle. He was also brought up and lived with his aunt Lois Beadle a spinster (1875-1959 ) who lived at Littlethorpe Lodge Ripon. I do remember staying many times with my Aunt Lois at Littlethorpe Lodge before she died....a lovely lady and a beautiful house and gardens. So I was wondering what has happened to these two properties, are they still in existence? Would anyone know anything of my Great Aunt Lois? I am 70 so there may still be people around who may have known her. I now live in Devon but was originally from Thirsk. Geraldine Bull (nee Beadle), Devon

If you have any information, please send to - Editor

April 2020 - Canal Towpath - I have spoken to the local team and they have advised me that the Ripon Canal has always been closed to cyclists as there are sections which are no more than 1m wide. The no cycling signs have always been up, we have just put up some larger temporary signs to highlight it even clearer than before. The team have advised that the towpath is not a bridleway, should any cyclists think it so. Whilst as you mentioned that most cyclists are compliant with the correct behaviours on our towpaths and you have highlighted that there is a small minority who do spoil it for everyone else. Our signs are there to create a safe environment for all who share the towpath, dog walkers, walkers, families and those with mobility restrictions. We do take reports of anti social behaviour seriously, whilst we are a charity so do not have the power to enforce rules and regulations of behaviours. We strongly advise any verbal behaviour or abuse experienced to be reported to the police. I hope you do continue to enjoy the towpaths in the Ripon Canal area. Julie Moriarty, Customer Support Administrator, Canal and River Trust

April 2020 - Canal Towpath - We too have experienced cyclists on Ripon Canal towpath and their unpleasant responses to being reminded that cycling is not permitted…which discreet signs at intersections with Canal Lane and Green Lane have made clear for a long time now. The width of the towpath is not as wide as William Rich would have us believe –as evidenced by a picture of a dodging cyclist on the village website. At the moment social distancing is being practised as far as possible by walkers, but cyclists do not have the bell or consideration to give others sufficient warning of their presence when approaching from behind as they scythe through. At the moment cowslips, sweet violet, kingcup and cuckoo flower grace the towpath edge, and a pair of mute swans are still sitting on their nest – but I doubt cyclists have noticed these delights. Julie Freytag and her Canal & Rivers Trust team work hard to keep our local asset looking as it does – it is really appreciated. Perhaps the kissing gate or stile should be reinstated at Renton`s Bridge – the present open zig-zag arrangement is no deterrent when manoeuvring a bike. Cyclists should heed the large new blue notices `No Cycling on the Towpath` put up this week. Please take your bikes and lack of respect elsewhere. Liz Tite, Littlethorpe

April 2020 - Canal Towpath - William Rich’s letter is another example of those individuals who believe that the rules which are observed by the majority of people just don’t apply to them. He appears quite happy to flout the rules which most people observe. The abusive comments of cyclists when members of the public point out that they should not be on the towpath is also indicative of such attitudes. The towpath is not a bridleway so no cycling is allowed on it and the signs quite clearly state this. It is narrow and even for walkers it is quite difficult to keep 2 metres apart, but just doable. Cyclists (who nowadays have no bell to signal their approach), typically cut into the 2 metre distance. The towpath is not a hard surface and is eroded by the use of cycles – hence the signs. The roads are hardly busy at the moment and certainly not “dangerous”. The Way of the Roses national cycle route runs close to the canal area and is well-used every day. Why can’t Mr Rich use that instead of insisting on a non-existent “right” which exists only in his imagination? John Edmonstone, Littlethorpe

April 2020 - Dear Ms Roberts

In your newsletters you seem peculiarly hostile to cycling on the Ripon Canal towpath. Could I say that I have been cycling this towpath for decades and will continue to do so unless prevented by physical barriers or a court injunction. This towpath seems to be unique on the canal network in attempting to prevent cycling. Do you realise that by discouraging people from cycling into Ripon on this scenic route you are a) forcing them into their cars or onto dangerous roads and b) making it less likely that holidaymakers will include Ripon in their canal boat itinerary, given your perceived hostility to cycling (cycling being an integral part of many canal boat holidays)? I can see no justification for preventing cycling on this towpath. It is at least as wide as other sections of towpath on the network where cycling is permitted. Also, in my opinion, this path should rightly be a bridleway, since it has been used by horses in the past to tow canal boats. As you probably know, cycling is permitted on bridleways. I have been in contact with the Canal and Rivers Trust regarding this issue and they seem just as baffled as I and many of my friends are by your negative attitude, though the Trust did come up with some feeble, and easily refutable (see above), excuse about the width of the path.

Yours William Rich

March 2020 - Good Neighbours - Thank you to our neighbours Kirsten and Ken Wood who have offered help if we need it during the Coronavirus lockdown - it is much appreciated. Editor

March 2020 - It is not that I don't like dogs but twice now I have found dog poo by the roadside outside our house! Most dog walkers do clear up but there is a minority who don't! Also I was driving down Littlethorpe Lane at 10.30pm when I noticed a car parked in the lay-by by the by-pass with its boot up . I asked the young man what he was doing; he replied that he was just sorting out his boot. He denied that he was dumping rubbish but I thought it was very funny to be in the dark at 10.30 at night sorting out his boot! We all need to be vigilant or is it just me being paranoid? Moaning Minnie, Littlethorpe (Name supplied)

December 2019 - Littlethorpe Road Closure - I think the problem with the road closure has been that the road closure signs have been put at the wrong end of Littlethorpe Lane. Instead of them being at the junction with Pottery Lane they have been placed at the junction with the by-pass. For the last two days the signs at the by-pass have suggested that both Littlethorpe Road and Littlethorpe Lane have been closed. Martin Winterburn, Littlethorpe

October 2019 - Quiz - Great fun as always. Pity we left our brains at home but we enjoyed the wonderful spread of food. Val & Phil Cook, Jo & Terry Copsey, Ripon

October 2019 - Quiz - Very good as usual. Great evening. Les Smith, Littlethorpe

October 2019 - Quiz - Good fun. Mandy Downes, Littlethorpe

October 2019 - Quiz - It's always a good night for the camaraderie and especially the lovely supper. Carol Edmonstone, Littlethorpe

September 2019 - Beckbusters - We had a wonderful day; the weather was kind and we had fantastic support from around the village coming out to cheer on the runners. This support has been mentioned by lots of runners and we are so grateful to people in Bishop Monkton and Littlethorpe for embracing the event. Beckbusters, Bishop Monkton

June 2019 - Ripon Triathlon - Just wanted to say a huge 'Thank you'. It was Ripon Triathlon today and huge thanks to all the lovely considerate drivers out there! But mostly to the amazing residents of Littlethorpe who were so kind spraying the runners with water nearly the whole route. It was painfully hot out there and the cold water made such a difference, we were all incredibly grateful! Charlotte Merson, Boroughbridge

June 2019 - Christian Aid - Thank you all the residents of Littlethorpe who graciously answered the knock at the door from Christian Aid volunteers in mid May and contributed the amazing sum of £568.48. This is to provide much needed maternity services in Sierra Leone. Once again thank you for your generosity. Robert Ankcorn, Littlethorpe

April 2019 - Quiz Night - Very lovely evening. Our first time, brought the kids who were welcomed and enjoyed it. Food arrangement great. Sarah Hallworth, Littlethorpe

April 2019 - Quiz Night - A lovely, friendly, happy event, top food and I beat my mum and dad!! Yay! Richard Payne, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

April 2019 - Quiz Night - Thank you for a good night out. As an Js, Ripon & Harrogate

April 2019 - Quiz Night - Yet again - good fun enjoyable evening. Southerners (Les Smith), Littlethorpe

April 2019 - Quiz Night - Great idea - let's do it again soon. Nick Redfern, Studley Roger

April 2019 - Spring Litter Pick - Well done Team Littlethorpe! Rob Ankcorn, Littlethorpe

February 2019 - Salmons family - Do the Salmons still farm in your area? I was a mate of Dave Salmons when he worked at AE Turbines at Yeadon back in the 70's. This is a genuine request, my tele number is 07830020247. I know his sister moved to Canada. Richard Braithwaite, email address supplied

December 2018 - Santa Lucia Carol Service - A most enjoyable service; the best one for me. It is always so exciting to see the children taking part. Sylvia Grice, Ripon

November 2018 - Samaritan's Purse - As Christmas approaches many people in Littlethorpe contribute filled shoeboxes for the Samaritan’s Purse appeal. The sentiments behind such giving are very laudable indeed, but most people know little or nothing about the organisation behind the appeal. Samaritan’s Purse is an organisation of fundamentalist American evangelical Christian missionaries, with an annual income of £16 million, headed up by Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the late Billy Graham. Rev. Graham spoke at Donald Trump’s inauguration, is pro-Vladimir Putin and is on record as being anti-gay, anti-same sex marriage and more particularly anti-Muslim. The shoeboxes are specifically targeted at Muslim children as part of the organisation’s missionary work. These are all facts on record. I leave it to Littlethorpe residents to make up their own minds on this matter. John Edmonstone, Littlethorpe

October 2018 - Happy Jack - Very nice night. Good performance. And the halftime ice-creams a real bonus. Sorry we rushed off, beer called. Kevin Gay, Ripon

October 2018 - Happy Jack - Excellent drama. Roger and Dbbie brought Jack and Liz to life effortlessly - an absolute treat. Richard Langley, Littlethorpe

October 2018 - Happy Jack - A different kind of evening - clever, funny and very entertaining. Downes, Moxhams, Abbott, Armstrong, Littlethorpe

October 2018 - Happy Jack - Very entertaining - thank you very much. Nick Scott & Sheila Carroll, Littlethorpe

October 2018 - Quiz Night - Another great night. Thanks Sandra for compiling the quiz and keeping order. Thanks also to everyone who supported it and made it a success - I have never seen so many fantastic puddings!! Christine Winterburn, ​Littlethorpe

October 2018 - An Unlikely Story - What a wonderful evening that must have been. Wish we were there! How we miss Littlethorpe! Kate Taylor Warren , Aurora, Colorado, USA

October 2018 - An Unlikely Story - This was a fascinating evening & thoroughly enjoyable. A very big thank you to all those involved, it was really great. Diana Dale, Littlethorpe

October 2018 - An Unlikely Story - It was an excellent evening!!! Christine Winterburn, Littlethorpe

September 2018 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Garden - Fantastic day out despite the short cloud burst. Delicious cakes. Anonymous

September 2018 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Garden - We look forward each year to our visit to this wonderfully designed garden with everything so immaculately cared for. The plants on the plant stall looking so healthy and the cakes in the marquee tasting delicious. A lovely day out whatever the weather. Anonymous

September 2018 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Garden - Coffee and cakes lovely. Thank you very much! Anonymous

August 2018 - Just wanted to tell you that I think the website that you so ably manage is a great credit to you. It is always up-to-date and well put together, and of interest to village folk and others wanting to know more about Littlethorpe. So.....on behalf of all of us who regularly view the website, many thanks. Judith Steele, Littlethorpe

August 2018 - Open Gardens - Littlethorpe House - A beautiful well-kept garden. June & William Monkman, Church Fenton, ​North Yorkshire

August 2018 - Open Gardens - A lovely day out. Really enjoyed it. Ian Spaulding, Bridlington, Yorkshire

July 2018 - ....... a great discovery to find the Littlethorpe website, lovely to see a small community connecting and sharing information that is easily accessible for residents and visitors alike. Keep up this amazing work ❣️. Mary Hawksworth, email supplied

May 2018 - This is a really informative, up-to-date and interesting website that keeps Littlethorpe people well-informed about what's happening. Well done! John Edmonstone, Littlethorpe

April 2018 - Quiz Night - Excellent evening; thanks for all the hard work and effort. We'll be back!! Keith Pettitt, Bishop Monkton

April 2018 - Quiz Night - Very enjoyable evening. Janet Sweeney, Ripon

April 2018 - Quiz Night - Good fun. Good supper. Fab company! Dizzy Rascals, Burton Leonard

April 2018 - Quiz Night - I had no idea it was litter picking today. Sorry! More publicity needed!! Eleanor Sharp, Littlethorpe

Thank you for coming to the quiz, I hope you enjoyed yourself; your support is appreciated. Just so you know for the future, the litter pick is advertised in 'Roundabout', on the Littlethorpe Village Hall Faceebook page and on the Littlethorpe Village website so sorry you missed it. Now that the Entertainments Committee have your email address you should be informed of their events. Editor

April 2018 - Quiz Night - Super quiz: excellent diction of the quizmaster and controlled reasonably by her minder. ​Tite/Curtis/Ankcorn, Centre of the Universe

April 2018 - Quiz Night - A superb fun-filled evening - great people, great quiz and delicious food!! Maggie Hildreth, Newton-on-Ouse, York

April 2018 - Quiz Night - Enjoyable evening. Margaret Smith, Littlethorpe Park, Ripon

March 2018 - Mothering Sunday at St. Michael's - Thank you so much for the primulas, they were beautiful and so bright for this lovely Sunday morning. They will be given pride of place in my home. Madeleine Staniland Dixon, ​Ripon

March 2018 - Mothering Sunday at St. Michael's -Thank you so much for the primulas given to every lady on Mothering Sunday. They are so bright and pretty. They will look a treat on my window sill where I can look at them while working at the sink and thank God for my precious family! Carol Edmonstone, Littlethorpe

​​February 2018 - Lived at Azerton, Littlethorpe Lane from birth to 1954. Is it still there? Our church was St. Michael's, Littlethorpe from an early age until we moved to Magdalen Road, Ripon (Ripon Cathedral) where my mother started 1st Ripon Girl Guides. Sister Diana M. J. Burton (nee Collins), ​02089508012, (Using a friend's email)

December 2017 - Santa Lucia Carol Service - Chris enjoyed the refreshments. Jan thought the whole experience a joy to behold. Jan & Chris Laker, Of no fixed abode, Travelled from the far east

December 2017 - Santa Lucia Carol Service - Lovely service. Needed to be warned to have torches to read words of carols when lights turned off! Sue Anckorn, Littlethorpe

October 2017 - Quiz - We'll be back! Peruvian Highlights, ​Littlethorpe/Ripon

October 2017 - Quiz - Sport round difficult! Quizmaster coped well under pressure! Roly Curtis, ​Littlethorpe

October 2017 - Quiz - A good fun evening. Lovely food too! Cooks & Copseys, Littlethorpe Park, Ripon

October 2017 - Quiz - Excellent organisation - wonderful evening! Not the Railway Children, Littlethorpe

October 2017 - Quiz - A superb, fun night with well researched and varied questions. The communal supper is always a highlight. Already looking forward to the next one. Helen MacKenzie, Ripon

October 2017 - I have sent out a `message alert` to Simon Hannam`s sister Vicky to let her know that another friend wishes to get in touch with her brother. He does seem very popular! Liz Tite, Littlethorpe

​​October 2017 - Hello, I have been reading your site and came across an old friend's name. I have been looking for Simon Hannam myself and would like to know if it is the same Simon Hannam who lived in Littlethorpe, Ox Close? Could you please pass my details to Simon if you know how to contact him. Thanks. Nigel Stanley/Shipman,

October 2017 - Harvest Festival - A big thank you to all who contributed and helped. Peter & Iris, ​St. Michael's Church Wardens

October 2017 - Harvest Festival - Lovely inspiring service from Rev. Ken and the church looked amazing. The Littlethorpe ladies have done a fantastic job once again. Mr. & Mrs. Routledge, Littlethorpe

October 2017 - Harvest Festival - Beautifully decorated church, lovely service - organist had a shocker. p.s. I was the organist. Jeremy Banyard, Ripon, ​North Yorkshire

October 2017 - Harvest Festival - Wonderful happy occasion. Superb flowers. Very uplifting. Friendly crowd. Roly Curtis, ​Littlethorpe

October 2017 - Harvest Festival - Beautiful colourful harvest arrangements. Well arranged music. Well attended service., Katherine Kay, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

September 2017 - Railway Reinstatement Meeting - Thank you to the almost 80 people who attended the open meeting on 18th September. The level of support for opposition to Ripon City Council's proposal to reinstate the railway line running through Bishop Monkton, Littlethorpe and the south of Ripon was really gratifying. The views of the meeting have already been communicated to Ripon City Council, the County Council and the local MP. John Edmonstone, ​Littlethorpe

September 2017 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - A most impressive garden, very creatively designed. Everything is exceptionally well maintained. Simon & Christina Hoare, Ripon, ​North Yorkshire

September 2017 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Simply outstanding, amazing! Tea and cakes superb - all staff first class. You sell yourselves short - could have charged more. Thank you so much. Mary Smith, Sowerby, North Yorkshire

September 2017 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Very beautiful. Lovely day out. Stunning. The cakes were amazing. p.s. See you next year. Susan Moorhouse & Joan Hazel, Keighley, West Yorkshire

September 2017 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - We've enjoyed the scenery and learnt some more, rounded off with excellent refreshments. A good day out. Sowerby, Brompton on Swale, ​North Yorkshire

September 2017 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Beautiful garden, well worth the trip. Excellent cakes. Gill Hillman, Aysgarth, North Yorkshire

September 2017 - Fly Tipping - Fly tipping extreme..... Looks like some moron(s) have dumped a stripped out caravan on the unofficial passing place 100yds beyond Potters Farm on Pottery Lane towards Knaresborough Road. Charming! Tony Burgin, Littlethorpe

August 2017 - Open Gardens - Littlethorpe House was amazing. The Yew hedge was stunning and in keeping with the character of the house. The hollyhocks were wonderful. We also liked the peepholes which gave a different view of the garden. Sharon, Bingley, West Yorkshire Lynne, Skipton, North Yorkshire Susan, Baildon, West Yorkshire

August 2017 - Open Gardens - It was lovely to visit a variety of gardens as all were very different. It was interesting to see, at Kirkella, what can be done with a small plot. Xanthe Price, Littlethorpe Leanda & Steve van Noort, ​Ripon, North Yorkshire

August 2017 - Open Gardens - Greencroft - A lovely garden and it wasn't raining! Mr. & Mrs. Queenan, ​York

July 2017 - Garden Party - I'd like to blow the horn for my mum, Sylvia Grice MBE, for once again hosting a magnificent garden party. The food was supreme, the cakes divine, the company exemplary. And over £1000 raised for her chosen charities. Well done mum xx Helen Mackenzie, Ripon, North Yorkshire

July 2017 - Trevor's Retirement - What a party! And what fun, even if it were tinged with sadness. Thank you to everyone for the magnificent send-off (momentum!) you gave me on June 25th. I shall remember it always. Thank you also for the wondeful array of farewell presents - the photo album and personal cards to me, all the Burnley memorabilia and the most generous gift of a cheque. I am deeply touched by all your love and generosity. My thanks to those who provided and prepared the sumptuous spreads: what more can I say? And with all the claret and blue decor, Burnley can't fail to win the Premiership next season! I have enormously enjoyed my three years among you all at Littlethorpe. In my early bereavement you came into my life and were truly a Godsend. I have not decided yet on what to spend the money you gave me. I want to buy something which will remind me of all your kindness and our shared ministry in our village. Since I hope to do some more writing, a desk would seem a most appropriate purchase: I'll let you know what transpires! I shall always remember you in my prayers. Jennifer and I are determined that wherever we eventually live, we shall join you all in worship at St. Michael's from time to time. Until then, may GOD bless you all. My love and sincerest thanks once again. Trevor Vaughan, Ripon

June 2017 - Trevor's Retirement - You are one in a million Trevor, it's a blessing to know you. ENJOY your retirement, here is wishing you many happy times to come. ​Sue Eddleston, Ripon, ​North Yorkshire

June 2017 - Village Barbecue -The barbie was excellent as usual with wonderful company in beautiful surroundings. Thanks to Rob and Sue for letting us invade their garden. Thanks to the Entertainment Committee for all of the arrangements and special thanks to whoever organised the weather. What a beautiful day. Martin Winterburn, ​Littlethorpe

May 2017 - Hi, my name is Mark. I was at the race meeting on 12th May and met a lady who had a son called Oliver who would be about 5ish. I was wondering if you could assist me trying to trace her to see if they will be going to the race meeting on Sunday 21st May. Any information would help on how to find this lady. Mark Fletcher, ​​

April 2017 - APM - It was nice to meet everybody this evening. Hopefully we can create a nature reserve worthy of the area. Adam Mathwig, Bedale, North Yorkshire

April 2017 - Quiz Night (Roly's poem) - Bravo, Roly! I can just hear him reciting that! We do miss Littlethorpe and all the great folks there! Kate Taylor Warren, Aurora, Colorado, USA

April 2017 - Quiz Night - Self esteem at an all-time low. Great night, good food - thank goodness for small mercies. Roly Curtis, Littlethorpe

April 2017 - Quiz Night - A lovely evening of fun and failure! Leanda and Steven van Noort, Ripon, North Yorkshire

April 2017 - Quiz Night - A great light-hearted social evening. Christine and Michael Wilson, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

April 2017 - Quiz Night - Sports round please! The Splix Team, ​Littlethorpe

April 2017 - Quiz Night - One of our most enjoyable evenigs. The food was amazing, everyone so friendly. We will come again even if we couldn't win! Beryl Payne, Ripon, North Yorkshire

April 2017 - Quiz Night - Lovely food. Kind people. Raffle. Angela, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

April 2017 - Quiz Night - A brilliant, fun night with great company, fab food and an ultra hard quiz (with no sport round - we are 2 PE teachers!) Helen and John MacKenzie, Ripon, ​North Yorkshire

April 2017 - Quiz Night - Enjoyable quiz. Friendly people. Lovely food! Janet Sweeney, Ripon, North Yorkshire

March 2017 - Mankin Lane - I don't know if you've walked down Mankin Lane recently. I walk down it every day and over the last few months a new settlement has gradually appeared in the field north of the lane. Initially, a pigeon 'cree' appeared and I enjoy watching the homing pigeons on their morning fly out. Then a chicken shed - nice to hear the cock crowing. Then a flock of geese (also have a shelter) and it's so funny to watch their shenanigans. The gentleman also has sheep. I think it's great as it's like an old fashioned farmyard. Gerry Spoors, Littlethorpe

March 2017 - Mettapalayam Coffee Morning - I really enjoyed looking at the photos and information about Mettapalayam. Good to be able to support such a worthwhile cause. Helen Page, Ripon, North Yorkshire

March 2017 - Mettapalayam Coffee Morning - A superb venue for this wonderful small charity, Friends of Mettapalayam. Excellent cakes and Indian crafts. Superb dried flower cards. Great to know every penny will go to the charity - little admin charges. Glyn Harper, Pickhill (near Thirsk), North Yorkshire

February 2017 - Supper with Simon - We thought that it was a 'crackling' good evening. Liz & Richard Tite, Littlethorpe

​​A witty reference to the pork supper, I think. Very clever!!! - Editor

February 2017 - Supper with Simon - A brilliant night with great singing, dancing and food. Mandy Downes & Co., ​Littlethorpe

February 2017 - Supper with Simon - Wonderful evening with a great mix of music (and food). Let's do it again! Carol Edmonstone, ​Littlethorpe

February 2017 - Supper with Simon - Fantastic evening. Food excellent, music brilliant and company exquisite. Rob Ankcorn, Littlethorpe

February 2017 - Supper with Simon - Another good night in the village hall which was missed by many! Food was brilliant and Simon wasn't bad either. More please!! Martin Winterburn, Littlethorpe

January 2017 - Dear Sandra, On Jan. 17th of this year I sent you an email asking for help to try & trace someone from the Hannam family. As I said in that email," You were my last hope". For the last twelve months, I have been tryng to find Simon Hannam, the son of Di & the late John Hannam, whom I had finally tracked down to Littlethorpe through a contact in Swinderby, Linc's, where they used to live many years ago. What an experience that was. Simon Hannnam & my son Daniel, back in the early 1970s, were great friends & were connected together like a couple of magnets & the truth is now coming out about what they used to get up to in those days including drinking my home made wine! During the last 12 months, I have trawled the internet & through the bt internet telephone directory have visited every city & town in Yorkshire looking for the Hannam name to no avail. Thanks to Sandra, Chris Laker & an unknown person, who made the connection with Mrs. Hannam in Grewelthorpe where she now lives, I have found Simon. After 41 years & never having seen or spoken to each other in that time, they were re-united on Friday last, the day of the USA presidential inauguration. Simon tells me that they spoke at length until 1:15 am Saturday morning. I would add that my son has lived & continues to live in Colorado, USA, & has done so for the past 32 years. Thanks again to the aforementioned people who have helped me reunite two long lost friends. Geoff Whitaker, Hay-onWye, Herefordshire

I'm glad we were able to help. Liz Tite was instrumental in contacting the Hannam family - Editor

January 2017 - Dear Sandra, My name is Mr. Whitaker and I live in Herefordshire. I am trying to locate some friends for my son who lives in America. He has not seen or heard from them for many years. Their last known address was in your village of Littlethorpe. There name is Hannem. I think this is my last chance of finding them. If you can help me trace them or any of their 4 chidren, I would be most grateful. Many thanks. Geoff Whitaker, Herefordshire

If you think you can help, please let me know and I will put you in touch with Geoff - Editor

December 2016 - Omilettes Book Launch - It was an excellent evening. Christine Winterburn, ​Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Talking Heads - Brilliant - such an enjoyable evening. Alyson Dawson, Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Talking Heads - Excellent performance and very welcoming village! Sheila Mowatt, Husthwaite, North Yorkshire

October 2016 - Talking Heads - Most enjoyable evening. Always a tonic to have a good laugh. Florence Mitchell, ​Littlethorpe

Ocotber 2016 - Talking Heads - Great entertainment. How do you remember all that? Well worth it. Thanks. Anon, Ripon, North Yorkshire

Ocotber 2016 - Talking Heads - Excellent performance delivered by a solo artist who was word perfect - really enjoyable and funny. The free ice-creams in the interval were enjoyed by all. Well done Entertainments Committee - more of the same please. Jan Laker, ​Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Talking Heads - Really excellent - the flower arranger was most familiar. Has Alan Bennett been to St. Michael's, Littlethorpe? Richard Tite, ​Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Talking Heads - FANTASTIC PRODUCTION! How does she remember it all? Michael Montgomery, ​Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Talking Heads - Excellent performance of a perceptively cynical insight into life. Robert & Caroline Forber, Sharow, North Yorkshire

October 2016 - Talking Heads - A very different evening's entertainment. Excellent! Sue Ankcorn, ​Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Rotary Quiz - A real enjoyable evening, good wholesome food, would come again. Peter & Jill Barnfather, Ripon, ​North Yorkshire

October 2016 - Rotary Quiz - Very good evening. Thoroughly enjoyable. Lovely food. Many thanks. Les & Margaret Smith, ​Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Rotary Quiz - Great evening. Thanks. Kevin Gay, Sharow, North Yorkshire

October 2016 - Littlethorpe Reunion - Spot the face! Big thanks to Michelle and Suzanne for a cracking night. Great to see so many "old" faces from the past!​ Cheers. Steve Emsley, Marton cum Grafton, North Yorkshire

October 2016 - Littlethorpe Reunion - Wonderful reunion. Thank you to Margaret and girls for arranging such a lovely evening. Lovely food. Florence Mitchell & Susan Quinn, ​Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Littlethorpe Reunion - Wow, just as well my sister was with me to keep me right but great to see neighbours from 11 & 12 South View. Lesley Garthwaite-Bruce, Macduff, Aberdeenshire, ​Scotland

October 2016 - Littlethorpe Reunion - A wonderful night and a real pleasure to see so many friends of long ago living in Littlethorpe. Well done to Margaret and the girls. Kath Emsley, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

October 2016 - Littlethorpe Reunion - Very successful evening Margaret and her daughters put on. Joan Wilkinson, Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Littlethorpe Reunion - You have made a night that will be remembered for the rest of everyone's life. Well done. Irene Sowerby, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

October 2016 - Littlethorpe Reunion - We enjoy the Roundabout book. Think tonight's get together has been a wonderful reunion and the food was very good. Nice to meet up with people that lived in Littlethorpe. Joan Harker, Ripon, North Yorkshire

October 2016 - Littlethope Reunion - Brilliant to see everyone. Enjoyed. Linda Metcalfe, ​Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Littlethorpe Reunion - Everyone looks older but still recognisable. Good to reminisce. Super night. Lots of old photos. Roly Curtis, Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Littlethorpe Reunion - Great village hall reunion catching up with all the kids I grew up with. Karen Kidd (Nee Elsegood), Ravensworth, North Yorkshire

October 2016 - Harvest - Enjoyed Friday's service, the supper afterwards with all the home-made produce so tasty - I loved it. Also the church flower arrangements are beautiful. Alvrea King, Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Harvest - Service enjoyed. Decoration of the church beautiful. Christine Curtis, ​Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Harvest - After many years of attending harvest suppers, this was wonderful. Many thanks to all the people who put on a great supper. Joan Harker, ​Ripon (Spent many years in Littlethorpe)

October 2016 - Harvest - Absolutely splendid! Margaret Lloyd-Hughes, ​Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Harvest - The church looks beautiful and the harvest supper was wonderful. Thank you to all involved. Florence Mitchell, Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Harvest - A lovely heart-warming experience. Sylvia Grice & Elizabeth Thompson, Littlethorpe Road, Ripon

October 2016 - Harvest - Wonderful! Valerie Williams, Bishop Monkton, ​North Yorkshire

October 2016 - Harvest - How wonderful to see the church filled with flowers, fruit and vegetables, a TRADITION that seems to be dying out in so many churches. The absolutely delicious supper was a fitting end ot the harvest celebration. Sincere thanks to all those who made it happen! Margaret Plunkett, ​Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Harvest Supper - Such a lovely evening, seeing friends, neighbours and family come together for wonderful food and conversation. Thanks to Christine et al for arranging everything. Nicola Routledge, ​Littlethorpe

October 2016 - Harvest Supper - Very good. Good company, good food, good evening. Yvonne Coupe, Sharow (Littlethorpe adoptee)

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Lovely gardens, nice cakes. Beautiful setting. Thank you. Lynne, Oliver & Barbara, Leeds, West Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - beautiful gardens. Matilda Ward (Age 7), Honley, West Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - A magical space full of surprises hidden on the other side of the canal. Thank you for sharing your wonderful space! Miss Sharon Smith, Wendy Smith & Dorothy Jackson, Ripon, Yeadon & Ripon, North and West Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - We've been here for 5 minutes -a lovely welcome, help from the men running the car park, tucking into cakes and tea now. We already have a plant in the creche - Honorine Jobert. Delicious cakes as we remember from visits when our children were young. Thank you...... Now on to the gardens! Thank you. Lou & Alvis Bilen

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - A fabulous garden(s) & outstanding hospitality provided by Littlethorpe Village Hall folk - how very kind. Tony & Caroline Glenton, Rothbury, Northumberland

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - I'm glad I don't have to cut all that box! (Biddy's ex gardener and dughter) Ian Dale & Louise Bowman, Smelthouses & Thirsk, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Wonderful garden experience. So much to see and such a variety of planting. Cakes delicious! Altogether a very good way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Gill Young, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Beautiful garden. Delicious cakes. We will visit again. Mr. & Mrs. House, Pontefract, West Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Lovely design, enjoyed water features. Like colour choices and all the trimmed trees and hedges, Well done.Thank you for a lovely day. Simon & Ginny, Northallerton, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Wonderful to walk round - most pleasant to see - a very enjoyable day. John & Pauline Ducker, Gate Helmsley, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Inspirational! An absolute pleasure and we were made most welcome from the moment we set foot on the drive, we will be back! Special thanks to your marvellous Village Hall Committee and their helpers for 'gold star' teas. June Robinson, family & friends, Boston Spa, West Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Wonderful property - so well tended especially the hedges. Also a very well organised event. Please open again - perhaps in each season. Roger & Deana Webb, Norton le Clay, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - A wonderful garden, peaceful and tranquil and a credit to the gardener! Mrs. K. Emsley, Boroughbridge but previously of Littlethorpe, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Thank you for an inspirational garden. Dawn, Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Super gardens, so well maintained and some clever ideas. Great teas too. Everything well organised. Loved it all! Celia & Tim, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Splendid to see the garden in all its glory having attended the talk with photos at Derwent Diggers G. C. earlier in the year. D. & J.A. Newton, Malton, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Lovely pavlova, orange cake and scones. Trevor & Sue, Harmby, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - A beautiful garden - everything so well organised - congratulations! My tea and scone was delicious. Well done. Mrs. Bethy Grant, Prudhoe, Northumberland

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - The garden is inspirational, wonderful planting throughout. The tea was delicious, if not the BEST! Mr. & Mrs. G. Howard, Markington, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - WOW!! Barbara, Thirsk, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Thank you for welcoming us to your many lovely gardens and for arranging the sunshine. Janet & Hugh Turner, Gargrave, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Absolutely wonderful. A lovely surprise. So many beautiful plants and very good coffee cake. Very well done. Top marks!! Chris & Audrey Whelan, Copt Hewick, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - First class in every way. Well worth the visit. Mr. & Mrs. Kitchen, Bishop Monkton, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - A fantastic day - £6 well spent. The gardens are amazing - well kept - very educational - learned a few new ideas - well done to all the team - fantastic - what a great job. p.s. Just fabulous. Thank you. Susan Moorhouse, Keighley, West Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Superb gardens: unbelievable for this time of the year. Really well organized with friendly staff. Mr. & Mrs. Lyons, Horstorth, West Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Superb tea & cake. Loveley atmosphere! Many thanks. Anne Ogden, North Stainley, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Had a lovely afternoon. Alison & Keith Salisbury, Birstwith, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Beautiful gardens, lots to see, something for everybody. Have taken lots of ideas away with me. Friendly staff and refreshments lovely and plentiful. Well done!! Carole Montague, Crewe, Cheshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Beautiful garden. Sunny afternoon and enjoyed tea and cake. Service was particularly good. Sheila Duckett, Melmerby, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Wonderful show with such variety. Thanks for sharing your garden with us. Good tea and cake after our tour. Pat Vose & Tony Martin, Wetherby, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Wonderful garden and wonderful catering on a lovely day. Lots of preparation and a lot of organisation. Hope you have made lots of money. Carolyn Whitehead, York

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Thank you to the cake bakers and gardeners. Nice ponds. Beth (Age 9), Burton Leonard, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Great planting structure, textures and colours. Beautiful lawns especially around the fountains lawn. All the hard work from the gardening team has resulted in a wonderful free flowing and manicured garden with relaxing places to sit and contemplate. Ann Skinner, Wetherby, North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - What a wonderful garden! We were delighted to see such innovative design and a very high standard of maintenance. All credit to the highly skilled gardeners who work here. Sandra and John Ellis, Moorsley, Durham

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - The gardens were varied and extensive - a delight to visit. We especially enjoyed the lake and fountain and summer-house. The cakes were WONDERFUL too! Branson family, Middlesborough, ​North Yorkshire

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Perfect setting, you've worked so hard to create an idyllic garden, even down to a wild bee hive!! Lovely carrot cake too. Thank you. Leworth, Bratton Fleming, North Devon

September 2016 - Littlethorpe Manor Open Gardens - Outstanding garden, stunning plants. One of the best we've visited under NGS this year. Sue and Mike Hodgson, Carthorpe, Bedale, North Yorkshire

August 2016 - Paint the post-box gold! Many congratulations to our Jack Laugher on his recent Olympic triumph. I reckon most of Littlethorpe was glued to the TV screen on the night of August 10th. We are all proud of our famous Littlethorpian! Trevor Vaughan, Ripon, North Yorkshire

August 2016 - ​I have recently been looking at the ​village website and feel that ​words of appreciation are in order ​for what you are doing with it. ​It looks great, thank you. Rob Ankcorn, ​Littlethorpe

August 2016 - What a marvellous result for Jack and his partner Chris Mears in the 3m springboard in Rio last night. Support is growing to paint the letterbox in the wall at 'The Beeches' gold! Liz and Richard Tite, Littlethorpe

August 2016 - Well done Jack. I was very excited. Chloe Roberts, Glynneath, West Glamorgan

August 2016 - Thank you to everyone who donated cakes to and visited the Open Gardens. Jacky Barber, Littlethorpe

June 2016 - ​Musical Extravaganza - ​I thought it was absolutely fantastic. ​I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. ​I've been to lots of similar concerts and this was the best. Frances Richardson, Littlethorpe

June 2016 - ​Musical Extravaganza - ​So much musical skill - ​I thoroughly enjoyed it! ​We were serenaded and had our spirits lifted. Yvonne Coupe, Sharow , North Yorkshire

June 2016 - Musical Extravaganza - ​Congratulations to Gerry and June for the musical evening. ​It was the best night we've had for years. I loved the atmosphere and hope we have more. Glenys Gittings, ​Ripon, North Yorkshire

May 2016 - ​Thank you to everyone who supported my coffee morning. ​Kate Gray, ​Littlethorpe

May 2016 - ​Well done Jack! Chloe Roberts (Aged 9), Glynneath, West Glamorgan

April 2016 - ​APM - ​What a good turn out. ​Great to hear about all the village activities. John Edmonstone, ​Littlethorpe

April 2016 - ​APM - ​First meeting we have attended. ​Short, succinct and informative. ​Thank you for inviting us. Kate and John Gunstone, ​Motot Boat Club (RMBC)

April 2016 - ​APM - ​Always enjoy supporting the open meeting ​and I am here if anyone requires assistance. Ian Galloway, District Councillor

March 2016 - ​Quiz - ​Great fun as always! Many thanks Sandra and Christine. John Edmonstone, ​Littlethorpe

March 2016 Quiz - ​Wouldn't miss the quiz for the world. ​A fab, fun evening - ​well done to Sandra and Chris ​for ​organising. ​Helen & John Mackenzie, Ripon​, North Yorkshire

March 2016 -​ Quiz - ​Cherrific ​Chris and Sandra. ​When's the next one?​ Tite, Anckorn, Curtis, Littlethorpe

March 2016 - Quiz - ​Always enjoy the Littlethorpe quiz - ​Great atmosphere and great fun. ​Thank you. ​Paul Hildreth, Newton-on-Ouse​​, York

January 2016 - Here are 2 postcards I have c.1910. The only link I have to your area is a name stamped on the back which is Thomas Loxton, other clues. Was he the man on the horse or the photographer?? Does anyone recognise the event or house? Any suggestions would help. Alan Pugh, Leeds, West Yorkshire

January 2016 - Thank you for your wonderful coverage of events etc. at St Michael's; it's a joy to read! Rev. Trevor Vaughan, Ripon, NorthYorkshire

January 2016 - Living in South Wales, I don't get back to Littlethorpe very often so it was lovely to be there over Christmas. I met Trevor Vaughan, had a chat with Iris Alderson and it was also good to talk to Joan Harker who used to be my swimming teacher at Ripon Spa Baths. Paul Roberts, Rassau, Blaenau Gwent

December 2015 - St. Michael's - We had two delightful services at Christmas when the children played a significant part. The St Lucia carol service started with the congregation in darkness, to be lit by candles carried by St. Lucia (Rebecca Ryder) and her attendants processing importantly down the aisle to the music of the St. Lucia Carol. The attendants were Eva, Marielle, Celeste, Charlotte, Tilly, Freya and Ella. They looked positively angelic and were much admired by their families and the congregation. The Ryder family also added to the magic of this traditional service, Jacob sang the first verse of "Once in Royal David's City" very confidently and Charlie read the first lesson without a hitch! The Gray family was also proud of son Daniel who read the lesson from St. Luke with mature confidence. The "icing on the cake" at the end of the service were the mince pies and chocolates! A memorable time was had by all. On Christmas Eve the children brought the characters of the Christmas story to place in the crib. They carefully carried the figures of Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angel , animals and baby Jesus and positioned them to recreate the scene of the stable in Bethlehem. It was lovely to see so many children , including visitors from Norway, being involved, making the story of the birth of Jesus so much more memorable. Father Trevor concluded the service by teaching us all a song with actions, based on an African folk tune, counting from one, the little bitty baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes, up to ten, the ten commandments. It was great fun, even the "older" ones enjoyed it . It doesn't do any harm to test the brain cells sometimes! Our vicar has a superb empathy with the children. Let's hope they will join us more often. They certainly are appreciated. Margaret Plunkett, Ripon, North Yorkshire

December 2015 - Santa Lucia - We just wanted to say what a wonderful service again. We have been to a number of the Santa Lucia services over the years and this was again fantastic. Particular favourites of ours are the readings and the carol solos by the children, excellent to witness and be part of. As always, the service was run with military precision and with the usual warmth one can expect from the welcoming congregation of Littlethorpe. The church holds many fond memories for our family and we are forever blown away by the impeccable interior as well as the community spirit that Littlethorpe church offers. Quintessentially British! The Perry Family, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

December 2015 - Santa Lucia - What a lovely start to Christmas at St. Michael's. Lovely to see all the young children taking part. What a wonderful seasonal event which as usual was very well supported by the village. Christine Curtis, Littlethorpe

December 2015 - Santa Lucia - The Santa Lucia Carol Service on Sunday was lovely and I really enjoyed it. It was good to see the church so full. Well done to everyone who contributed before, during and after the service. Dorothy Furniss, Dacre Banks, North Yorkshire

November 2015 - St. Michael's Coffee Morning - Well done to everyone who made the coffee morning such a success. I'm looking forward to the cakes we bought! The raffle was hilarious and great fun. Good to see so many old and new faces. John Edmonstone, Littlethorpe

November 2015 - St. Michael's Coffee Morning - I love that chocolate cake! Ella Mary Curtis (Age 5), Littlethorpe

November 2015 - St. Michael's Coffee Morning - I wasn't surprised at the number of villagers who came to support the coffee morning in aid of St. Michael's Church. A big 'Thank you' to the volunteer helpers who, as always, turned out to prepare and run the occasion. Peter Moss, Littlethorpe

November 2015 - St. Michael's Coffee Morning - The coffee morning was a fabulous morning enjoyed by all. Beautifully baked cakes and gorgeous Christmas decorations. Fantastic to see so many people getting into the Christmas spirit. Ruth Curtis, Littlethorpe

November 2015 - Starlings - Congratulations on the spectacular pictures of the 'murmurating' starlings from the canal which you captured against a lovely dusky pink sky. All sorts of shapes that the birds make whilst making these continuous manoeuvres can be imagined - one of them resembles a running fox. We've heard that several people have been down to the canal to see this spectacle. Liz Tite, Littlethorpe

November 2015 - Remembrance Day - St. Michael's had a very good attendance at our Remembrance Day Service. The Exhortation was read by a member of the congregation, Mr. Brian Render, an ex-Coldstream Guard. For the first time, we used a recording of the Last Post and Reveille, which added to the poignancy of the Act of Remembrance. Our thanks go to Mr. Forder for his generosity in providing us with this facility. Rev. Trevor Vaughan, Ripon, North Yorkshire

November 2015 - Quiz Night - We had a wonderful night as always at the Littlethorpe quiz on 31st October. You are always made to feel so welcome and it really is a very entertaining evening. The home-made supper was delicious and we can thoroughly recommend this as a great night out. Maggie & Paul Hildreth, Newton-On-Ouse, York

November 2015 - Witch Quiz - The quiz in the Village Hall at Halloween was great fun. I'm glad we weren't the only contenders for the booby prize. However our age did show in confusing the 'Twitter' logo for the 'Unicef' logo; and we could not have expected to know the singles titles from the 90s and 00s or that China had only one time zone. On the plus side we collected so many raffle prizes that Christmas shopping is no longer necessary. Congratulations to the green witch Sandra Roberts doubling up as the question setter and arbitrator in several disputes and to Chris Winterburn for the amazing supper and support. A really enjoyable evening...thank you both. Liz Tite, Littlethorpe

October 2015 - Harvest - For the first time in many years, I was not available to help with the harvest decoration at St. Michael's. As always, the church looked beautiful and all thanks must go to the wonderful group of helpers who quietly turn up when required and work together as a team. Thank you also to those who donated produce which was taken to the Salvation Army after the service to be used or distributed as appropriate. We know that they welcome these gifts. Iris Alderson, Bishop Monkton, North Yorkshire

October 2015 - Harvest - Fifteen different exhibits from villagers whose work is in our village enhanced the traditional Harvest displays of flowers, fruit and vegetables. St. Michael's Church looked slendid, as visitors time and again expressed their delight - and surprise - at the variety of 'cottage industries' in Littlethorpe. As usual, Littlethorpe's refreshments (in the village hall) were straight from "The Great Bake Off"! Many visitors from Ripon and other towns remarked how our Harvest theme reminded them of the Harvest Festivals of their childhood. "A real village Harvest!" was a familiar comment. St. Michael's would like to thank all those who contributed in so many ways to a most successful and memorable venture. Rev. Trevor Vaughan, Ripon, North Yorkshire

August 2015 - Open Gardens - I visited Littlethorpe to see the gardens which were open for the 'National Gardens Scheme'. I got ideas from Jackie about plants for my own garden and had a chat with Sally. Both gardens were beautiful and everyone was very friendly - a lovely afternoon. Jean Marshall, Dacre Banks, North Yorkshire