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March 2021

Parish Council Meeting

The agenda for the parish council meeting to be held on Monday 8th March can be found on the 'Meetings, agendas & minutes' page under 'Parish Council'.

Citizens' Advice and Support Scheme

Citizens' Advice Bureau helped 63 clients with 198 issues in 2020 in Fountains and Ripley Ward. Many of those that were helped were disabled. On a population basis about 8 or 9 people from Littlethorpe Parish will have been helped over the year. The Bureau wishes to inform people about their work and are seeking donations to enable them to continue what they do.

David Duthie

Littlethorpe Parish Clerk

Towpath closure

Two more reports of people continuing to use the towpath have been received but, unfortunately, no photos. One couple was seen to actually climb over the barricades erected by Julie; she must be pulling her hair out! I, along with many other people, am really missing my walks along the canal and, because of these inconsiderate people, it is going to be even longer before we can enjoy it again. Please send me any photos you take so that I can publish them and we will all know who they are.

February 2021

The Great Escape!

Further to my report on the new barricades on the canal towpath below, a villager has let me know that she and her husband walked down to Renton's Bridge this afternoon (26th) and couldn't believe their eyes. A couple were walking three dogs on the towpath, a brown dog off the lead and two small dogs on leads. The villagers watched with 'excited anticipation' as to what they might do when they reached the bird hide gate at Renton's Bridge. Apparently, they turned round, retraced their steps, got as far as the locked gate through the reserve and decided to walk back again to Renton's Bridge. They got within 30 yds and saw the villager's camera so turned round again. How on earth did they get in and out again? As the villager asks, "What is it with these people?"!

Towpath Closure

I continue to receive information about villagers telling people that the towpath is closed and, quite often, the abuse they receive. No-one can now claim that they didn't realise it is closed as these barriers have been erected by Julie Freytag at Renton's Bridge and Nicholson's Bridge. At Renton's bridge, one metal barrier extends out over the canal to stop people going round the end and, at Nicholson's Bridge, an extra barrier has been placed along the edge of the canal to stop people going under the bridge to access the path. Isn't it sad that this has to be done to make people take notice and abide by the rules? Hopefully, the towpath will now have a chance to recover enabling us all to enjoy the canal again soon.

Nicholson's Bridge

Renton's bridge (access to the hide is not affected)

Spring flowers around the village

Green Lane

Canal Reedbed

Green Lane

The pinfold

Spring Lambs

The field along Orchard Lane is full of ewes (or 'yows' if you speak Yorkshire dialect!) and their lambs; a sure sign that Spring is near.

Lunch time

Message from Margaret Allen

Margaret Allen, who used to live in the village, has sent a message which can be found on the 'Guestbook' page.

Lost black labrador

Old black lab wandering around pottery lane/fields I can’t catch it. Has anyone lost it? (16th)

Jessica Jarman

Covid Vaccination Scams

On 27th January 2021 I advised of an email 'doing the rounds' which appeared to be from the NHS inviting the recipient to register for a Covid vaccination. This was a 'phishing' email which asked you to input your personal details, security information and more importantly your bank and card details. The email claimed that your bank details were necessary to verify your identity. North Yorkshire Police have been notified of a similar email which I have replicated below. Whereas this is different to the email circulated last week, the intention of the fraudsters is the same; to obtain your personal and bank details. Please remember the Covid 19 vaccination is free and you will not be asked for payment. The NHS will never ask for your bank details. If you receive such emails you can forward them to and then delete from your inbox. Please pass this message on to friends/family etc.

North Yorkshire Police


NHS is performing selections for coronavirus vaccination on the basis of family genetics and medical history.

You have been selected to receive a coronavirus vaccination

Use this service to confirm/reject your (COVID-19) Vaccination:

>> NHS – Accept invitation

>> NHS – Decline invitation

Do you need help to use the internet?

Here is a resource from HBC that will assist people getting onto the internet. The Census on 21 March will be principally online; so this is timely. If anyone in the village knows someone who is not online who wants to be, the number to call may help.

David Duthie

Clerk to Littlethorpe Parish Council

St. Michael's Churchyard

The first signs of spring are appearing in St. Michael's churchyard.

January 2021

Towpath closed

Today (Sunday 31st) was a hive of activity along the towpath. Two children told their parents that you can't go along the towpath but were ignored. Perhaps children stick to rules better than adults!

Road repaired

The holes in the road at the junction of Pottery Lane and Green Lane have been filled in.

Canon Richard to retire

Canon Richard is to retire and has written to the congregation of St. Michael's. His letter can be found on the 'Services, events & news' page under 'St. Michael's'.

Towpath Closure

The towpath is still closed so THREE villagers shouted in turn to inform this pair of that fact but the response was "I've got a sore leg"!

Rural communities in Yorkshire to celebrate 100 years of village halls

Village Halls Week 2021 will recognise the contribution England’s 10,000+ halls have made to rural communities since the 1920s.

The national campaign week - now in its fourth year – is set to take place 25 to 29 January and will feature online events, videos, podcasts, and blogs showcasing the history of village halls and the benefits they have derived for rural communities over the years. The initiative is being championed locally by Community First Yorkshire, a charity that provides support and advice to 971 village halls found across York, North, South and West Yorkshire.

David Sharp, Chairman of Community First Yorkshire Board of Trustees said: ". . . . . Coronavirus has had a massive impact on our local halls and community buildings, with many having to close, or partially close and lose vital funds. The hall committees have had to continually keep updated with the ever changing guidance and restrictions, and put new policies and procedures in place for their halls, this has taken its toll on many of our members, so this chance to celebrate the great work that they do, the vitalness of halls to local communities and to showcase the history of the halls is a very welcome opportunity to shout about their importance.”

Managed by volunteers, England’s 10,000+ village and community halls support a diverse range of community activities from exercise classes to coffee mornings and are routinely hired out for private parties and weddings. Some host community shops and post offices.

Claire Hetherington

Marketing & Communications Officer

Community First Yorkshire

Perhaps this is a good time for us to thank our own village hall committee for all the time and effort they put in keeping our hall running as an important part of our community. Comments welcome. Editor.

Last one

Only one house remains for sale on the Grange Farm development.

Snow, frost and floods

This view was taken from Green Lane. Thank you for sending it in. Stunning!

Recycling cancelled

Please note that last week's recycling collection has been cancelled. It will not be collected until your next scheduled recycling collection date. If this means you will have extra recycling materials by the time of your next scheduled collection date, please leave them out in a carrier bag or open box. Please do not put recycling in a black refuse sack. .

More Snow Pictures

Yet more lovely photos, taken around the village, have been sent in. Thank you.

Littlethorpe Road


Pottery Lane Hairpin Bend

Canal Lane

Stay Safe in North Yorkshire

What is the current risk?

The new variant of the virus moves between people much more easily. A small amount of exposure can lead to infection. We know that people mixing inside homes has been a key way in which the virus transfers, so please play your part and do not meet other people inside. Infection rates have been rising very quickly in many areas of North Yorkshire, regardless of how rural the communities are. It is important to remember that one in three people with Covid has no symptoms and can be spreading it without knowing.

North Yorkshire County Council

Village Hall Closed

The village hall is now closed because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the parish council meeting held on Monday 11th January are now available on the 'Meetings, agendas & minutes' page under 'Parish Council'.

Census 21st March 2021

The census people have contacted the parish council to publicise the census. In particular they want to offer help to those who are not using the internet. The census this year will be completed on-line. Assistance is available for anyone who does not have on-line access or who is not familiar with using web forms. If you are aware of anyone in the village who does not use the internet, please go to for ways that help can be obtained.

David Duthie

Clerk to Littlethorpe Parish Council

Towpath Closure

Keep it up everyone. Success this time! A villager has sent the following information:

I was down at Ripon Motor Boat Club when I saw a young man and an older woman (mother & son possibly?) in the process of climbing over the bridge to get to the closed towpath. I pointed out the error of their ways and after a bit of complaining to me by the woman, the young man (who was very pleasant) climbed back and they went up Canal Lane instead. The woman couldn't understand what the problem was as "there is a lot of snow on the ground so it wouldn't get damaged!!!!"

Verge Damage

When Littlethorpe Lane was closed at South View recently, some people were driving on the grass round the back of the bus shelter to get through! Residents complained to the drivers (mainly delivery vans) but were ignored. One of the residents put a big plank across the grass as a barrier but some drivers got out and moved it so they could get through. The following photos show the state of the grass AFTER Alan, at 1 South View, had tried to level the worst of the damage. One of the drivers tried to get through in the middle of the night, got stuck and woke Alan up trying to get out! This unacceptable behaviour may well have killed off some of the daffodils, planted by the parish council, for this year.

More Snow Photos

More lovely photos of the recent snow, this time taken by Chris Winterburn at Nicholson's Bridge.

Sunrise over the snow

These stunning photos were taken by villagers on their early morning walk. We do live in a beautiful part of the country!

Towpath Closure

Villagers are still on the alert - thank you for these photos.

This couple and their dog climbed through the fence to gain access to the towpath!

Parish Council Meeting

The agenda for the parish council meeting to be held on 11th January is now available on the 'Meetings, agendas & minutes' page under 'Parish Council'.

Village Hall Classes

The Village Hall Committee has had to close all classes with the exception of Karate for under 18 year olds. The Dog Training sessions will continue outside in the car park.

3rd January

St. Michael's Church to close again until further notice

Following discussions with the church committee, and with Dean John's agreement, the decision has been made to close St. Michael's until further notice. To read the full letter from the church wardens, go to 'Services, events & news' page under 'St. Michael's'.

December 2020

Jack's Journal

New Year's Eve message from Jack Laugher.

Today's excuse? It's frozen!

Thanks again to villagers who have sent in photos of people ignoring the 'Towpath Closed' signs (and locked gates).

  • The male half of the couple responded to `Do you realise that the towpath is closed?` by saying that it was OK because the path was frozen. The villagers stuck to their guns and explained why it was closed; he ignored them so they told him that he was very selfish and that his picture would be on the website.

  • The canoeist obviously got so far then had to bale out and walk. Villagers found it interesting watching him climb over the gate with his canoe. (31st December)

Disappointment turns to anger!

Villagers are now on high alert over people continuing to use the towpath despite its closure and two have sent the following information:

Julie Freytag (our 'canal keeper'), having been `alerted` to flagrant ignorance of closure, came down (as we were there) to investigate. At the `town end`, people are trampling on the emerging daffodils on the verge to avoid the mud. She is going to put padlocks on the gates at Rentons & Nicholsons. She is really furious at people's lack of consideration or understanding why she is having to close the path.Two people were in the reserve and climbing the gate by the screen to get through to the towpath.

Santa Steve

Postman Steve would like to thank everyone on his round for being so nice and cheerful throughout these strange times and also for being appreciative on the occasions when he dressed up. He wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Carol Singing

A good crowd turned out (socially distanced of course) for carol singing in St. Michael's churchyard on a cold but dry night. Skelldale Singers led the singing, performing a few carols on their own along with plenty for everyone to join in with. There were even mince pies afterwards.

June Garbutt, Canon Rchard, Gerry Spoors

Richard's RCW Update

Although part of the towpath is closed there is good access to RCW from the Boroughbridge Road to the reserve car park. What is about over Christmas? The stars are still the Starling murmurations starting roughly 15.15hrs over the reedbeds either at the reserve or Nicholson’s Lagoons. Most geese are Greylag & Canada & up to 90 Curlew feed alongside the racecourse lake. Mallard, Tufted, Gadwall, Teal & Shoveler duck are present & amongst the Goldeneye the males are particularly attractive.

If you are lucky the Bittern briefly flies over the central reedbeds. 300-400 Lapwing often fly calling overhead & Water Rail squeal from reeds.Buzzard, Red Kite, Kestrel, & Sparrowhawk keep the other birds on their toes & a good day can be finished by a Peregrine floating over.

Enjoy your local reserve.

Starling murmuration

Water Rail

Thank you from The Salvation Army

Christmas lights around the village

Wetlands Clear-up

A volunteer working party gathered on 17th December to continue clearing ‘scrub’ around the riverside lagoon. The stumps were treated to try to prevent regrowth but with willow it will always be a battle. The six volunteers were again under the guidance of Dave Powell who day to day manages the wetlands.